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What sort of people are suitable for dental clip on veneers.

Dental clip on veneers have shown to be a great priority for dental researchers in the last century and have been perfected down to a T. In the average persons mind, when you think of tooth-replacement therapies you would characterise the procedures as fit for the elderly. However that is now not the case. Anyone can lose a tooth and it doesn’t always happen through old age. Accidents can cause tooth-loss, eating hard foods, even just not looking after them properly. So in reality, anybody could require the procedure. This is why they are designed for all people, any age, size or gender.

You might be thinking, “surely some people just aren’t fit for surgery” and in answer to that… You’re right! Therefore dentists have taken this into account too. If your jawbone is too week to undergo the surgery, they can strengthen it by using something called bone grafting. This is when they take bone from somewhere like a hip and grow it in a laboratory so that it can be fit around the implant is keep it in place. Think of a sandcastle, once you’ve tipped over the bucket you gather the sand around it to keep it secure, picture this extra sand as the bone graft.

In reality, dental clip on veneers are used by the whole of the age spectrum. The oldest person to have undergone the surgery was 91 and the youngest was 14 and to be quite frank, who under the age of 14 could’ve grown their milk teeth, lost them all, replace them all and then damaged them to the point of surgery before the age of 14? The moral of the story is anyone could require the surgery and anyone can have it.

When undergoing the procedure many stages are involved. First of all you will need a mouth examination to determine the state of your jaw, if it’s strong enough to participate in surgery, to see where the tooth needs replacing and what will occur in the next stage of your procedure. Here is where your doctor will talk your surgery through with you as each individual will have a different experience than another.

No matter how you feel you should never rule out dental clip on veneers as an option for you, even if you feel you aren’t strong enough for it as you may find out that you are. This is what the examinations process is for. They’ll get to know your mouth and ready it for the procedure.

The treatment also includes healing time, so don’t think your jaw will be forced into worse straight out of surgery. The 3-4 months period is made up of about 4 visits to the dentist. They are spread out to allow healing time for your mouth to recover from the previous stage.

If you think you may be a suitable patient for Dental Clip on veneers then you should really get them done. If you don’t feel like having the invasive surgery of dental clip on veneers then you could opt for the less invasive veneers treatment.
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